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Integration between Innovation and Strategy
There are only a few tools that European Companies have in order to compete with their competitors in countries with much lower costs. This is why innovation becomes the tool to keep on being leaders and defining trends in a sector, even if costs are higher: the customer is ready to pay the cost of innovation.

In this situation, European Companies define the trends in the development of the sector and become, more than producers of products, knowledge exporters.

To face the challenge of integrating innovation in corporate strategy InnoBalears proposes:
- Innovation policy definition (contracting, partnership, licence purchasing, patent protection) and providers research
- Design and implementation of competitive intelligence systems (state of the art analysis, monitoring, prospective, SWOT analysis)
- IT strategy definition
- Corporate Strategy Definition

Innovation Planning
To avoid coming to a standstill, organizations need to know their current si…

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The Company
InnoBalears is born in 2005 with the mision of “making Innovation the key success factor for competitiveness within organizations, promoting experience interchanges at international level and developing new innovation models in industrial and touristic sectors”.
In the more and more demanding and competitive situation that face the enterprises nowadays, the organizations need not only to manage their day-to-day activities, but also they need to include in their routine the constant research of a difference that will add value to their customers: it is not enough any more to perform excellent, there is a need to constantly search how to improve it. Innovation is not an option any more, and not to understand innovation challenge implies today the standstill of the company and, in a matter of time, its extinction.
InnoBalears proposes a wide variety of profesional services offered by qualified consultants with experience in private and public organizations that is going to face …