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Topic of the week - Dream Society

Basing on a comment heard from one of the most important investigators in Spain I discovered Rolf Jensen and his Dream Society. The comment was a question: how are the touristic sectors innovating? Traditionally, in industrial sectors, innovation is the result of more or less clever ideas perfectioned by hours of problem solving. It's about things, so it's more or less easy: just a matter of time.

What happens in touristic sectors? The type of product we have is about people's feelings, their emotions, so it is not a matter of time any more, it is about creating new emotions, at that precise moment, through not so direct means (no mahines, no screw-drivers, no computers neither schemas, only people interacting at last).

I read something about Dream Society and my friend Bel Llodrà gave me the reference on Rolf Jensen (, the ideologist. I thought I had discovered the panazea of what I had thought till that moment, the maximum component. I read the articles…