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Topic of the week: Spanish bibliography on Innovation and Tourism

As most people know, Spain has traditionally been the third touristic destination in the world (it was the second last year) after USA and France, which theoretically implies certain industry knowledge ready to be exported in our knowledge society, contributing to the Europe of Knowledge development.

Why is this not (very) true? There are several reasons why Spain is not exporting its knowledge on tourism as other countries in Europe are doing with their knowledge in industrial sectors, i. e.:
Knowledge in tourism is not patentable as it is in industrial sectors, you can't protect neither license effectively most of the innovations that might enter the sectorNew products in tourism are very easily copied by competitors, unless they are supported by a new technology industrially protected (that belongs to the company that has launched the new product, quite a big barrier)It is quite difficult to get information from R+D processes in Tourism, as R+D is not systematized as it is in ind…

Topic of the week: OECD Conference on Innovation and Tourism

On September 18-19, 2003 took place in Lugano, Switzerland, the most interesting conference on Innovation and Tourism I found out till now.

I found it through Nathan Rosenberg, one of these American gurus on innovation research that has these details that I love, like answering someone they've never heard about that asks for innovation policies on tourism.

Though the content includes more or less expectable conclusions, next papers were specially interesting for me:
Explanation of the link between innovation and economic growth, by Rosenberg, also in touristic sectorsPoint of view by Xavier Décelle (Paris), where he outlines specific features and focus on innovation in tourismQuite interesting explanation of the link between innovation and product improvement by Weiermair (Innsbruck)Presentation of several cases of innovation policy definition or application in Australia, France, Korea and MaltaYou can find more information and the conference papers if you type "OECD innovation …