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Topic of the week: The Innovation Process

Lately I've had some meetings where a well-situated bussiness man asked me what is really Innovation and how could we talk about Innovation in a tangible way. Innovation is a process. Innovation is an attitude.

To make it tangible, let's talk about the process. The Innovation process starts with a diagnosis of current situation, any bussiness manager can do this (and does it systematically) on his or her business, this is, staying aware on what happens around my company, how do my competitors move, what techology can make my bussiness easier. To systematyze this process one can subscribe to a good periodical review on the sector, assist to determined events, listen to any provider that comes up with new ideas, support consultants pressure to buy the new bussiness aplication (and buy it if it is really worthy), etc.

Next step is to develop once a year (at least), and according with the analysis performed, a list of innovation projects that could make sense for my company, and cha…