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Innovation promotion activities in other regions

Due to the project I am working on now, I was looking for innovation promotion initiatives in several regions, that might be considered of reference for some islands like ours, the Balearic Islands.

The reference regions chosen were Madrid and Catalunya (as we work in the Spanish framework), Ireland (as it happens to be the country of reference in Europe in what has to do with tech development) and Hawaii islands (with a population, islands distribution and business profile quite similar to Balearic Islands).

The most remarkable characteristics detected in our little "benchmarking" analysis were:
- The commercial orientation of all public policies in the anglosaxon regions analysed. All web information is focused on selling their technological resources
- The fact that madri+d is a great source of information based on the visibility acquired by the agent that sends its information to the Portal. But the fact that they put their information in the portal doesn't mean that the…