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Innovation project Management

As far as I have experienced, Innovation cannot be successful without being structured as a Project. Companies can develop their day-to-day activities in a fuctional way, this is, each department just doing their job and a manager that integrates the activity of all these departments.

But innovation projects (which are, as I already commented in some other article, the ones that are going to guarantee the market position of the company in a long-term basis)must be structured as projects.

A project can be defined as a group of activities developed in a concrete period of time using several resources and oriented to get determined objectives and results.

There is a lot of Project Management bibliography, but when we talk about small projects there are three phases one has to consider:

DEFINITION AND PLANNING PHASE, oriented to clearly define the objectives of the project and the results expected (which are not usually the same: a project can be "develop a new service", and results…