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4 Technological Centers for tourism in Spain, isn't this too much?

In Spain there are currently being developed 4 R+D centers in several regions: Valencia, Andalucía, Illes Balears and Madrid.

One of them (ITH), in Madrid, is dedicated exclusively to hospitality subsector, his objectives are: promote companies cooperation, promote R+D+i project financing and assess its partners. Its focus areas are: architecture and building, installations, environment and energy, process management, ITC, security and quality. Their initial budget is 1m€, and they expect to be self-financed in 2 years time.

We have another center in Valencia, INVATTUR, dedicated to promote innovation at regional level, whose focus areas are: market analysis and prospective, technical support, advanced technologies introduction, R+D projects development and training. The initial budget for this center is 6,4m€.

The third one is located in Cadiz, TECNOTUR, with an initial budget of 7,2m€. Its focus areas include ITC, Restauration and gastronomy, sustainable tourism, management, and touris…