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Operative innovation planning at regional level

Lately, many regions in Europe are developing Science, Technology and Innovation Plans in order to promote innovation in their bases. These plans are long term (4 to 7 years) and aligned with UE policies.

The objective of planning is always having certain control on investment, but how can we implement these long-term plans?.

The most important way to implement the plans is distributing the money between the different innovation agents implied in the regional innovation processes. One of these agents can be, for example, a network of contact points within innovation. These points are offices that give assistance to any businessman/woman interested in innovating in his/her business. Integrating the activity of several agents is very interesting, specially when the agents come from different sources: technological centers, business asociations, universities and so on.

One of the projects I am working on now is to define an operative plan for one of these networks. The plan is for year 2006…